Welcome to "Building My Charlotte: The Queen City and its Architects." Our site reflects on the architectural creations of Louis Asbury, Charles Hook, and Martin Boyer to understand how these men and their designs impacted Charlotte’s community and style.  Views of the Queen City prior to these architects' innovations are represented by postcard images.  Explore exhibits to learn about architecture and its effect on the community, travel back in time to compare a changing Charlotte over the past one hundred years, and explore the individual styles of Asbury, Hook, and Boyer to see how they built their Charlotte.

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Mayfair Hotel Drawing

mayfair hotel.jpeg

This is an architectural drawing done by Louis Asbury of the exterior of the Mayfair Hotel.

Residence of R. M. Miller, Jr.


This postcard depicts the beautiful home of Cotton Mill tycoon R. M. Miller, Jr., who opened Elizabeth Cotton Mills in 1901. While an appealing…